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1. Secure any device You can use Kaspersky Internet Security (1 device/1 year) to protect your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone from cybercrime, spyware and viruses. It also allows you to wipe, locate and lock your device remotely if it’s stolen or lost. Therefore, you can rest assured that your security will never be compromised even when you don’t have your device.

2. Real-time protection Kaspersky Internet Security (1 device/1 year) immediately scans all the files and applications that you open, download or save from the internet. It monitors and analyzes all threats in real time and any dangerous threat is prevented before it causes harm. Moreover, ‘Changer Control’ helps prevent unwanted changes to your browser settings and unauthorized updates including the installation of toolbars, adware and more. Kaspersky uses a multi-level protection approach that combines real time efficiency of KSN (Kaspersky Security Network) cloud with very powerful security technology to deliver a more effective and powerful response to evolving cybercrime activities and threats before they actually harm you or your devices.

3. Premium privacy: protects against spying, online behavior tracking and phishing Don’t let phishers and snoopers steal your information. Kaspersky Internet Security (1 device/1 year) helps you guard your personal data, block unauthorized remote access to your webcam, prevent your online activities from being monitored, and protect your data and confidential information especially when you connect to a public network. Kaspersky Internet Security ensures that your digital identity and information is safe from sneaky online fraud with proactive, experienced and cloud-based anti-phishing technologies. It helps secure your digital self, personal accounts, and online communication.

4. Boost security when you’re banking or shopping online with Safe Money technology Fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to steal your money. Kaspersky internet Security features Safe Money technology that protects your confidential details to stop fraudsters and other cyber criminals stealing them. Besides protecting your personal, sensitive information to ensure that your data is not being stolen, Kaspersky Internet Security (1 device/1 year) also protects your devices against various digital dangers including attacks, spam, and infestations. This premium software offers extra security especially when you’re banking or shopping online with its Safe Money technology protecting your account details and money. The special Safe Money technology allows you to open shopping or banking websites in a protected mode that verifies that such sites are secure and also prevents redirects to phishing or fake websites.

5. Parental control In this age of tremendous technological advancement, children are vulnerable to numerous internet-based risks. Kaspersky Internet Security (1 device/1 year) is designed to protect your entire family from digital dangers by blocking inappropriate or explicit content and lets you easily manage children messaging and chats on social networks when used on Mac or PC. Therefore, you can rest assured that your kids are safe from online dangers which can eventually turn into damaging or even life-threatening dangers.


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