Canon PowerShot SX510 HS Camera – Black (12.1MP, 30x Zoom) 3 inch LCD




Feature packed and portable 30x zoom

The PowerShot SX510 HS offers a massive 30x optical zoom with 60x ZoomPlus, along with Canon’s HS System and Intelligent Image Stabilizer. Get incredibly close to your subjects and take high quality stills or movies packed full of atmosphere anytime, day or night, even at full zoom. Ideal for any adventure, it features Full HD video recording and Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can capture every occasion in high quality and share those moments with ease. This mini bridge camera is perfect if you want a super zoom range with DSLR-style handling but in a more compact and portable body.

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Versatile, mini 30x ultra-zoom camera – easy to carry view larger
Key Features
  • Mini 30x ultra-zoom camera with 24mm wide lens
  • HS System: 12.1 MP CMOS, DIGIC 4
  • Intelligent IS, Enhanced Dynamic IS
  • Wi-Fi*; GPS via mobile
  • Full HD, HDMI
  • Large 7.5 cm (3.0″) LCD
  • Smart Auto detects 32 scenes
  • Zoom Framing Assist
  • Full Manual control
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30x optical zoom, or up to 60x with ZoomPlus view larger

Get even closer with 30x optical zoom and 60x ZoomPlus

Get closer to your subjects with 30x optical zoom, for clear and defined pictures every time. Shoot animals or insects without disturbing them or take extreme close-up portraits with ease. If you want to zoom even further than the massive 30x optical zoom, you can achieve up to 60x with ZoomPlus – One of the highest zooms possible in the Canon Digital Compact Camera range. ZoomPlus is Canon’s advanced digital zoom technology, allowing you to double your zoom range with no visible loss of quality.

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Shoot superb images day or night with HS System

Enjoy stunning low light images with HS System

Capture the natural atmosphere of the scene, with less noise and clearer details, even in low light conditions. Explore a wider range of shots, like portraits at night or moving subject indoors, without having to worry about using a flash or stabilising the camera.

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Sharp photos and steady movies with Intelligent IS

Take sharper shots with Intelligent IS

You don’t need a steady hand to create stunningly detailed photos and videos. Canon’s Intelligent Image Stabilizer system automatically selects the most suitable shake correction from 7 modes, allowing you to capture sharp images quickly and easily – even when shooting at full zoom or in low light.

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Easy online sharing thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi; GPS via mobile

Wi-Fi lets you connect easily with home wireless networks, compatible printers and PCs, plus portable devices like smartphones and tablets, for fast, online image sharing and backup. Use your smartphone’s GPS to tag images with shooting locations over Wi-Fi.

Full HD movies

Easily record Full HD movies (1080p) with stereo sound and optical zoom, with one touch of the Movie Record button. Enhanced Dynamic IS powerfully compensates for movement in movies for smooth results when shooting on the move.

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Large 7.5 cm (3.0″) LCD (460k) with helpful Hints & Tips

7.5 cm (3.0″) LCD

A large, high quality LCD screen with wide viewing angle allows for easy framing, effortless menu navigation and pleasurable reviewing and playback. Easy Hints & Tips help you understand your camera and improve your results.

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Smart Auto detects 32 scenes (21 in movies) for point and shoot simplicity

Let Smart Auto with Scene Detection do the hard work for you

Any level of photographer can take breathtaking pictures with their Canon digital camera, thanks to Smart Auto. Scene Detection automatically selects the most appropriate of 32 scenes to capture every moment exactly as you remember it – from summer sunsets to your favourite band on a spotlit stage – all with stunning sharpness, detail and colour.

Never lose track of distant subjects with Zoom Framing Assist with Auto

It can be hard to keep track of faraway subjects when shooting at full zoom. Canon’s exclusive Zoom Framing Assist function allows you to quickly zoom out and relocate your subject, before zooming back in to take the shot, by simply pressing and releasing a button. Or, let your camera do all the hard work and switch to Auto Mode, which tracks faces and automatically zooms in or out, allowing you to concentrate on framing your subject.

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Experiment and have fun with a range of Creative Filters

Fun Creative Filters

Experiment and have fun with a range of Creative Filters. Options include Fish-eye Effect to re-create the distortion of a fish-eye lens and Super Vivid to boost colour saturation. Use Miniature Effect in stills or movies to make scenes look like miniature scale models.

Take full control of your shots with manual modes and dedicated controls

Take more control of your shots using M, Av and Tv modes, as well as a range of conveniently located controls. Change the shutter speed in Tv mode to capture perfect freeze-frames of fast-paced action or sports. Change the aperture size in Av mode to experiment with different depths of field when shooting portraits. Or take complete manual control with M mode, to dictate shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings yourself. Plus, with the ergonomic external controls, you’ll have instant access to the most important settings and even more control over your images.

*Wi-Fi support varies by device and region. For more information visit the Canon website.


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